Statement Regarding the Events of September 11, 2001 (newspaper ad, October 2002)

Olympia Friends Meeting feels the deepest sadness and grief for the victims of the catastrophe of September 11, and all the victims across the globe, of war, ethnic cleansing, exploitation, terrorism, unjust imprisonment, torture, and all other horrific acts of violence. They and those that mourn them are in our daily thoughts, prayers and meditations.

In our lives and work we feel deeply connected with our country, and seek a similar connection with every nation of the world. The daily suffering experienced worldwide due to hunger, injustice and terror renews our commitment to a right sharing of the Earth’s resources and the nonviolent resolution of conflicts.

We have living experience of the transforming power of nonviolent response to violence. We oppose war, believing it is the ultimate rejection of God’s creation. We believe that the sources of violence can be exposed and transformed through creative, courageous and unexpected acts that restore justice, heal human relationships and untangle the deep roots of this conflict.

We seek peace and justice through nonviolent means as God would have it for us all.

For 350 years the Religious Society of Friends has refrained from taking part in war.

Do we search for and honor that of God in everyone?