Our Committees

  • Children – provides for the physical and spiritual nurture of the Meeting’s children including providing child care, first day school and the Junior Friends program. Also helps to organize functions such as camping and ski trips for meeting families.
  • Care and Concerns – attends to the physical, emotional, and spiritual support needs of members and attenders.  The committee convenes clearness committees for membership, marriage and other concerns.  A member of this committee serves as the Membership Records Clerk responsible for maintaining and preserving Membership records.
  • Finance – oversees the Meeting’s finances including the budget, fundraising and financial policies.  The treasurer and the meeting depositor are ex officio members.
  • Hospitality – ensures refreshments are available after the rise of Meeting and for other Meeting gatherings.
  • Library – maintains the Meeting library and orders new materials.
  • Naming – convened by the clerk to maintain and ensure the health of the nominating committee.
  • Newsletter Working Group – produces and distributes the Olympia Monthly Meeting newsletter and maintains the meeting mailing list and directory.
  • Nominating – identifies the skills, leadings, and availability of members and attenders and matches them to officers, committees and workgroups needed to support the meeting.  In addition to proposing officers and committee assignments, the committee works to help committees function more effectively.
  • Outreach – tends to the Meeting’s presence in the larger community.   The committee helps maintain the content of the Meeting website and oversees outreach events and materials.
  • Peace and Social Justice – charged with helping Friends to respond to the spiritual leadings for peace and social justice as they are experienced by individuals as well as by Meeting as a whole.  The committee encourages the Meeting to participate in various social justice and political causes that are in line with Quaker testimonies, and may make recommendations to the Meeting about donations to and sponsorship of organizations and individuals working toward peace and social justice.
  • Upkeep –  maintains and repairs the Meetinghouse facilities and grounds, organizes work parties, purchases supplies as needed, and is responsible for implementing capital projects. Purchaser for meeting is on this committee.
  • Worship and Ministry – nurtures and guides the spiritual and religious life of Olympia Monthly meeting, with a particular focus on first day worship and adult religious education.

The meeting may also establish Ad Hoc committees to deal with special circumstances or needs. For example, committees were established for long range planning and to guide the search for a new Meetinghouse.