Young Adult Friends

Periodically, an individual or family hosts a luncheon for young adults 18-35 or so in their home. These luncheons offer an opportunity for young adults to meet and connect with each other. These efforts are also designed to learn from these young friends and support them and young families in their engagement with the Meeting.

Regional and Summer Gatherings of Children, Youth and Young Adults

OMM’s youth program, there are many regional and national activities for youth. Our Quarterly Meeting (weekend gatherings for Quakers from Washington and Idaho that takes place in Ellensburg, Washington twice a year) has strong youth programs.  Our larger North Pacific Yearly meeting has two youth outings a year – a week-long summer camping trip and long weekend winter trip. They also organize an international service trip every few years for youth over age 16.  In summer, our Olympia Monthly Meeting combine the Children’s programs and youth interview members of the Meeting with questions youth developed as a way to get to know the “elders” and learn their stories.

Feel free to call Olympia Friends Meeting, (360) 561-7067, for more information about our programs.