2019 PNQM Silent Retreat

Camp Huston, Gold Bar, Washington

January 25–27, 2019 (with optional extension to Jan. 28)

This retreat offers an opportunity to reach more profound depths in the Silence of Quaker worship.  The weekend is not a retreat inthe sense of turning away from life.  It is a temporary intentional community where we seek communion with the Holy Spirit, the world around us, and each other. With God’s help, we may be led to new priorities and insight for ourlives.  We may reach a deeper communionwith our authentic selves, our spiritual community, and with the Divine.

The weekend begins with a potluck supper Friday evening at 6:30. Visiting helps us unwind and begin to know each other.  After supper, housekeeping details arearranged, questions are discussed, and our schedule completed and explained.  We will begin Meeting for Worship and enter the living Silence that will last until the rise of Meeting on Sunday noon, no matter what the activity.

Cost should not be a barrier, but we need to average $100 per person to meet expenses.

A link to the registration form is below. Please register by 1/21/2019 – see the form for details. 
Contact Heather Saunders at hstarathome @ gmail.com (take out the spaces) or 360-252-0548 for more information.  AND, I highly recommend the extra day: it was wonderful, and the drive home was easy!

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2019 PNQM Silent Retreat Registration Form: