Job announcement: new part-time staff position at OMM called Hearthkeeper

Update March 26, 2018:
The Hearthkeeper staff position for Olympia Friends Meeting has been filled. Thanks.

February 24, 2018


At our last Meeting for Business, the Meeting agreed to create a new part-time staff position called Hearthkeeper. A four-page description of the position and how to apply is linked below as a PDF document.

It is hoped to have the new Hearthkeeper begin work April 2nd. Initially, we are announcing this among f/Friends until March 11.

Deadline for in-house applications: received by noonSunday March 10. After that time, depending upon the response, the position may be advertised more broadly.

Here is the description of the position and how to apply: OlympiaFriendsMeeting-Hearthkeeper-job-description-and-how-to-apply-2018 (PDF format)